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Just Wanna: A Book Series

Learn the law you'll need to become the creator, inventor and entrepreneur you want to be.

So, you have a new idea, to start a new company, or to prepare a new piece of art for the public. Then, suddenly you have legal questions. We've built books + free workshops with you in mind.  Working with legal professionals, we've created the Just Wanna" book series.  You DIY everything as an entrepreneur, and only call in a professional in certain circumstances.  Why not with legal and business challenges too?


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In honor of speaking at the Grace Company Festivities in October and November, we're offering a special bundle:  JUST WANNA TRADEMARK plus JUST WANNA CREATE: COPYRIGHT AND FAIR USE STRATEGIES.   

Regularly $150 

Sale Price: $75 (50% off MSRP)


A Legal and Business Workbook

Ships in Spring 2021

MSRP $75

Pre-order: $40

For those that pre-order, you are automatically enrolled in the accompanying workshop.


It's back! Starting in February 2021, we will run our 4-session popular copyright camp program, with special add-in sessions available too!

Copyright Camp includes a digital copy of the Just Wanna Create: Copyright and Fair Use Strategies.  (You can upgrade to a paper copy). 

And this time!  add-on sessions:

- For Shops

- For Artists

- For Designers and Teachers

- For Guilds

Cost: $100 for Copyright Camp (includes book and add-ons)



Books to help you overcome the legal and business hurdles.  We're hear to teach you.


Just Wanna Create

Want to learn copyright and fair use? This is the book for you! With over 350 pages, you will learn copyright from Dr. Townsend Gard, Professor of Law at Tulane Law School.


Just Wanna Contract

Pre-Order Now!  Coming in Fall 2021.

Learn the basics about contracts and negotiations too. Included are sample contracts including NDA, teaching contracts, client contracts, and reading terms of service


Just Wanna Patent

Have an idea for an invention? Take the first steps with this book!  Written by a patent expert and scientist, Ricardo Gonzelez will take you through a prior art search and more!



We are here for you!

Come to our Workshop Series

When you purchase our books, you can attend our free workshops that works through the l legal concepts, like registering trademark with the USPTO.  Check out the Events Calender!.

A Bit About Us

Our History

We began publishing our Just Wanna Series in 2018, and at our first trade show, we sold out in the first hour.  We realized the need out there: real information that fit the needs of entrepreneurs, artists, quilters, and others.  We started with quilting (yes) and have expended out.  In our first year, we have published 7 books, and have plans for more.  Just Wanna means real legal information when you need it.  We also have started workshops that supplement the book.  And there will be more resources soon to come.  Just Wanna... yes, we understand.  We wanted to too.


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